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Raj Pal S. Kharabanda

With this book you will start to challenge life instead of being challenged by it. The powerful insights will make you take action in life and guide you to accomplish your goals.  

Review by Deborah Lloyd

“You will realize that now is the time to get your life in the right direction,” is a sentence from the preface of this enlightening book. By tapping into your magical powers, you can achieve your dreams. This book is not a pie-in-the-sky treatise, but rather it describes practical steps to manifest the life you want. Author Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda has created a realistic plan in his book, Challenge Life -Explore - Give - Enjoy: How To Take Action With One Mind – Body – Soul. By utilizing these three aspects of our individual beings, Mr. Kharabanda demonstrates how to live a fulfilling life. It includes many unique, thought-provoking ideas. For example, he even coined a new word, “painuation,” which is a combination of pain and situation, assisting the reader to transform painful situations into positive decisions and actions.

Another feature of this nonfictional work is the addition of several worksheets. Showing how an examination of daily activities, and how to revise them, is the first step in effecting major life changes. Two of the most fascinating sections are the chapter on Miracles and the Addendum. He encourages the reader to view commonplace things as miracles. The addendum addresses the multitude of effects of the coronavirus pandemic in our lives, utilizing the principles found in the previous chapters. The self-help book, Challenge Life - Explore - Give - Enjoy, written by Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda, is a treasure trove of action-filled, excellent pearls of wisdom. If you are feeling dissatisfied and desire to make changes in your life, this book is a must-read!

Review by Jon Michael Miller

Challenge Life - Explore - Give - Enjoy by Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda is probably the best pep talk you will ever get in your life. And he asks us many challenging questions. He starts out with this little query: Why are you alive? If you are not sure, read on; the answer might be coming. It’s a motivational tract, directed especially to those of us who feel stuck in a rut and would like to know how to get out. The author shows us the way, gives us a path of self-examination by directing us inward to find our own true selves, and he provides a system of steps we can take toward self-discovery. He believes we can reach fulfillment, that we can break out and realize our goals, that our lives don’t have to be humdrum but full of passion and success on our own terms. The issue is, what are our goals, what are our passions, and why do we accept mediocrity rather than shooting for the stars? It’s easy to say, Oh, I don’t have time, or happiness is impossible in this dreary, chaotic universe. But that is your Procrastinator whispering to you. We must defeat the inner excuse that keeps us from taking the chance of being truly alive.

The tract, or sermon—pep talk is best—is easy to read. It’s like drifting on a cloud, except as you drift along in the author’s hypnotic, rhythmic prose, you begin to feel like putting Challenge Life - Explore - Give - Enjoy aside and getting out and conquering the world. Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda is his own best example, having used the internet to offer a series of courses about his beliefs. His message to us is that we can follow our own star as he did, and he tells us how. He gives us steps about becoming the best we can be, not just once in a while but all through the day, every day. His aim is happiness, fulfillment, living life to the max, and his message is not a lot of hocus pocus; it’s sublimely useful fare that will help us see life in a different way. To his initial question about why we are alive, he provides an inspiring answer. There are steps and magical powers we can develop, and Mr. Kharabanda presents his thesis in a series of smooth-flowing, jazz-like riffs on clarity, decisiveness, belief, visualization, and more. I have no doubt that, if followed, his ideas will improve our lives exponentially. About to try a few myself, I thank the author for enlivening my inner source of energy. “Love your life and love yourself to the max,” he says. So ... excuse me now; I must get to work!

Review by Jamie Michele

Challenge Life - Explore - Give – Enjoy: How To Take Action With One Mind - Body – Soul by Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda is a motivational self-help book for those looking to conquer the many types of hesitation that lead to procrastinating on a fulfilling existence and hold us back from our full life's potential. Broken down into eight distinct but interconnected chapters, Kharabanda's book lays the virtual bedrock through visual storytelling, bringing to fresh light the maximizing of our one life, harnessing the magical power within, giving your best, the gifts we all carry, challenging ourselves for growth, enjoying life through exploration and finding our passion, and giving back in meaningful, personal ways.

Challenge Life - Explore - Give – Enjoy is a refreshing dose of good advice, delivered by Raj Pal Singh Kharabanda in an accessible, conversational, and empowering way. More like a chat over tea with a good friend than the usual self-help guides, Kharabanda addresses the ways in which we shackle ourselves to a notion of what we should be doing, and how we aren't and probably never will really get there. He takes our hand and gently helps us out of the hamster wheel with practical and easy to apply steps that feel profoundly comfortable. The part that resonated most with me is chapter three, Be the Best of Yourself, particularly as it applies to implementing “act days” in our lives—days set aside where we call all of the shots and focus on maximizing activities, something I am excited to try. There are a great many valid points in Kharabanda's book and it was an absolute delight to read.

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