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What is the “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar”?


If you are eager to reach one of your goals in your life, but somehow you struggle to get your head in the game. You think of your goal day in and day out, however you just can’t push yourself to make the first step forward. You feel like something is missing. Something that reminds you how important it is to achieve your desire. Something that pulls you in the right direc-tion repeatedly. Something that influences you to stay focused and sustains your momentum. This something is the “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar”. Every day your “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” will remind you about your most impor-tant goal that you want to reach within one year. Your “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” is big, touchable, visible, eye-catching, unique and valuable. Preferably, you pin it on a wall that you pass be-fore you leave home. The spot where your “O.L.E. - Goal Cal-endar” is fixed must be visible and adorable. It is vital not to choose any spot just to hang it. The place has an impact on you. Your “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” will support you to reach your priority goal. However, you need to be attentive to what it tells you day by day. Eventually you will embosom your “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar" because it is always there for you and has your back. That may sound childish, but as soon as you reach your first goal, you will realize the incredible development. What are the advantages of the “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” ? The “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” is made of paper. Therefore, it is touchable. It is not an App that you download on your smart- phone or other device. Thus, it does not disappear or be forgot-ten due to the many other installed Apps. It is big and eye-catching. You need to pin it on a wall. A wall that you pass a couple of times during a day. The calendar is a tracker too. Every day you need to check one of your goal-achievement boxes to keep track of your progress. While the calendar is hanging on your wall, it will sharpen your focus and push you to follow through your next goal-achieve-mentbox. Surprisingly, as soon as you buy this influential item, tension evolves immediately. You wait for the package to arrive and dur-ing that time the calendar gains value and uniqueness. The moment you receive the precious good, you will perceive it as your way to reach your goal. That is the effect “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” has on individuals. It is one of a kind that pulls the action trigger on you, so you finally start moving forward. The “O.L.E. - Goal Calendar” is all about YOU! The calendar is made for you. It is your life. It is your goal. It is your opportunity. Treat your calendar as a special gift and you will reach what you are looking for. 

Order Your Goal Calendar Today
Order Your Goal Calendar Today

Goal Calendar 




1. Find the right spot for the O.L.E. - Goal Calendar.

2. Make sure you pass the calendar each day before you leave your home.

3. Each day on the calendar has three check-boxes followed by a line.

4. You can use one or all three boxes and lines for one single goal or you can use all three boxes and lines for three different goals. For starters, the most important part is that you realize at least one goal this year. Each additional goal is a bonus and not a must. Keep it simple!

5. Highlight your “Start-Date” with a green highlighter.

6. Highlight your “End-Date” with a yellow highlighter.

7. Write your first activity or action step on the line next to the first check-box the day you start with your project.

8. Continue filling the next days with your actions steps that are necessary to reach your goal

9. Choose a reward at the end of a month.

10. Celebrate the moment you reached your goal. 

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