What are the steps to build a hotel?

Here are my bullet answers in regard to a corporate hotel. In addition, I suppose that you have enough money available.

Find a location that is close to: the airport, public transportation, a taxi stand, an exhibition center, the city center, a highway, a festival hall, a grocery store, a mall, a gas station, restaurants, bars and a gym.

Inform the landlord about your interest in purchasing the property. There is no need to tell all of your plans to the landlord. Sometimes landlords just have a sign at their property that says “For Sale” so that they obtain a great idea and realize it by themselves.

If the landlord is willing to sell, ask the city department / construction supervision department if you are allowed to build a hotel on the landlord’s property.

Even before you own the right property, you can contact architects that are familiar with constructing a business hotel. Have a close look at the last hotels they built. If these hotels are close by, then visit...

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