How to manage an annoying guest?

How to stay polite while arguing with an annoying guest

In the first week of our Hotel’s opening, we had a guest that entered through the main entrance and the first sentences she said were, “Where the hell am I—this environment sucks—I am not used to such places.” Well, I told her that we just opened and that we were eager to make her stay as pleasant as possible. I asked her who had made the reservation for her and surprisingly she said she’d done by herself. I still do not understand why somebody has to be so critical about a Hotel that he’d chosen by himself. If somebody does not want to stay in a specific Hotel, he should not book it.

She grimaced a lot at the reception. While I brought her to her room, I said politely that it would be no problem for the staff at the hotel if she wanted to change the hotel.

I made her an offer that she could use our Hotel room to get ready for her meeting at 5pm, free of charge, before returning to the...

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What does a guest mean to you?

Did you ever ask yourself what a guest means to you? Is a guest valuable to you? Is each guest an unique person to you? Do you treat each guest the same way? What makes a guest special? Do you prefer one guest over another?

Take a moment and think about these questions. The answers seem to be no-brainers, but are you really living what you’re thinking in regards to this topic?

There is one fact that has to be mentioned and emphasized, although it is crystal clear. The guest is the person who is paying your bills. Guests provide income for the hotel. Your hotel is up and running only because you are satisfying your guests.
By reading your online ratings you can have an idea how satisfied are your guests with your services and facilities.

Now, what do you think is going to happen if you focus 100% on your guests? Ask yourself: how much am I really focusing on my guests right now? Give yourself a percentage from 0-100%. If you have a percentage of 50%, your occupancy rate is quite...

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