How to use startup companies for your hotel business

There are many startup companies that are trying to be noticed and gain more exposure. In order to make your accommodation business more attractive and offer your guests special items that are not widely accessible on the market yet, a perfect strategy is working with a startup company. 

There are various startup companies out there that create fantastic products. Some of these companies lack exposure, backers, the right influential connections to reach the next level, and of course customers - those that are willing to test their products and even buy them. 

If you raise your hand and offer your accommodation to startup companies to work with you by providing space in your lobby or even in the rooms to present their products, then you actually support the the startup company in a big way, your guests by showing them new and useful gadgets, and your own business too. 

To emphasize the massive value that is standing behind this strategy, let’s have a look at each...

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Create your own personal city guide

To be unique, you need to do something unique. Differentiating yourself from your competitors is not always that easy, but in general there are ways to make it possible. One method to make a fabulous impression on your guests and improve your brand awareness is by providing your guests with your own city guide.

Imagine that whilst doing a check-in you provide your guests your own city guide as a gift. Your guests will be surprised and accept it with pleasure. Although there are many city guides out there, all of them are financed through advertisement. Preferably, you’ll make an interesting city guide that seems to be more personal. Let your guests know where you like to have lunch or dinner. Tell your guests where other guests went for lunch and dinner. Fill the city guide with pictures of your staff, guests, and you. Create a city guide that is fun to read and adorable to have. At the end you should present your guests with a city guide that stays with them for a long period...

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How a shuttle service can 10x your business

A shuttle service is a unique service. Guests love shuttle services. A shuttle service is an absolute magnet for your accommodation business. The following lines will explore this phenomenon. 

The majority of people love to obtain gifts and special services for free. There are people who like to negotiate and others who only ask for a discount. Some people are happy if they receive a $3 discount and others are only content when they obtain more than a 10% discount. Accordingly, most of your guests will appreciate it if you have a shuttle service picking them up and taking them to specific places.

If you have international guests and they arrive at the airport, you can be certain that they will love to get a shuttle service from the airport to your accommodation. It does not have to be free of charge, though it should be cheaper than Uber or a taxi. A shuttle service is a special service that not every accommodation business offers. With such a service your accommodation...

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What to do if nobody calls you

If your telephone in your accommodation is not ringing a couple of times a day: 

- You may receive many emails

- You are fully booked that day 


- Your accommodation is set to vacation

- Your telephone number is not viewable on your website / net

- You do not have a website

- You are not listed in Google Business, Bing, Yelp, or TripAdvisor

- You are not listed on any Online Travel Agency platform

- Your accommodation business does not seem to be appealing

- Your telephone could be broken

- You do not want to be found at all…

If one of the negative points above grab your attention and you want to get out of this vicious circle then make sure you go through the following five steps: 

1. Instead of waiting for a call it is time for you to take action. Call companies that stayed in your accommodation before and make them an unbeatable offer.

2. Become locally active - engage with restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, opera, etc.

3. Start to advertise on Facebook...

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How to make your city and your hotel attractive at the same time

If you believe that your city is special enough to be promoted widely, then the following strategy is for you. 

To clarify the key-points of this strategy in more depth, I choose Frankfurt am Main (Germany) as a city that has enough value to be promoted by me as a hotel and apartment owner. 

Certainly, many questions are popping up in your mind right now. Questions like:

Why do you want to promote your city?

Why invest hard-earned money into advertisements for your city?

What is the advantage of promoting your city?

These are all great questions and I will answer them one by one.

The idea behind this city promotion is to build a connection between your city and your accommodation business.

Frankfurt am Main is well known all around the world. It is a metropolitan city. It is known for its banks German Bank / Commerzbank, etc., the European Central Bank, the skyline, skyscrapers, the airport called Fraport, Lufthansa, Opera, Sachsenhausen (party area), the main river...

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How to increase your image by offering more languages

One of the best ways to attract more guests from all around the world is by offering many different languages on your website, booking engine, app, via email and of course on the phone. Offering a variety of languages at your accommodation is very beneficial to your business. People from a foreign country that do not speak a different language than their native tongue do not want to stay in an accommodation that is unable to communicate with them. The more languages you offer, the more new customers you will attract. Indeed, it is comfortable for a foreigner to enjoy the stay even more by speaking in their native language. 

Having staff that are able to communicate in almost every language is an accommodation powerhouse. It transmits how much effort the business puts into serving their guests. A business is only offering so many languages to their customers if they really want to communicate with them and serve them in every aspect. Speaking a foreign language has a lot of...

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How to protect your mattresses and pillows so they last for years

The main product that you are selling are your rooms. Therefore, you need to take care of them. Mattresses and pillows always have to be in top shape to ensure that each of your guests has the chance to sleep well. It is a mistake to save money on items that have to do with guests’ beds. If a guest had issues falling asleep due to the quality of the bed, the pillow or bed frame, you can expect a bad review. It is absolutely the responsibility of the accommodation business to provide a comfortable bed and pillow for a guest. 

If there is a time that a mattress or pillow, etc. has to be changed due to a hole caused by a cigarette or similar, it could become expensive. The price for ordering only one item compared to many is always more expensive. 

Now, let us imagine that no cigarettes or the carelessness of guests are destroying your mattress or pillows - how can you protect your items to last longer than expected? One of the best methods to protect your mattress and...

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Be a guest at your own hotel

I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to be a guest at your own accommodation. 

If you are enthusiastic about getting to know your business better, you should stay there for a couple of days. Experience the same atmosphere and environment that your guests have day in and day out. Take each step that ordinary guests go through. By doing this you will get to know facets of your business that you have not been aware of.

After a few days you will properly come up with ideas on how to facilitate a couple of things. Maybe you will even get rid of gadgets that seem to be useless or you will be eager to purchase new ones. By and large, you will obtain insights that are not available to you simply by managing the property. These specific insights are available as soon as you experience your service by yourself.

However, if you love your accommodation and you enjoy being there, this is not going to be a challenge, but a vacation. Whilst you stay at your accommodation as a guest...

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How birthday wishes increase your visibility

Do you like to celebrate your birthday? 

Do you think your guests love to celebrate their birthday? 

A birthday is a very special day. It is unique to oneself and only occurs once a year. A birthday gets really special when people celebrate together, such as family, close friends and friends of friends. If you want to be a part of your guests’ birthday then do not hesitate to send them nice wishes. Best practices for sending wishes are:

• An email

• A postcard

• A package

• An SMS

• A WhatsApp Message

If you want to stand out from the many companies that are already providing this service automatically, then make a personal call and in addition send a gift (discount / honeymoon suite). 

I usually receive birthday wishes from my gym but I know my dates are just entered into a system that sends these wishes automatically. Knowing that makes these messages unproductive. However, it would be awesome if my gym would grant me one hour with a...

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How to let your guests be a part of your future projects

Let us imagine that you are eager to integrate a new gadget in each of your hotel rooms but you are not sure about it yet. You asked your staff and pondered a lot about it.

However, if you do not want to make a false investment and you want to be certain that the majority of your guests will appreciate your new gadget, then you can do the following: 

Let your guests be a part of your future. Your guests will appreciate this a lot and they will be curious as well. If you ask your guests about their opinion on how to improve a certain service, they will not dismiss the opportunity to provide their input for your business. Certainly, some people will be surprised by that question and need time to come up with a good answer. Nevertheless, there are people who have thought about improvements beforehand and they are just waiting for such an opportunity.   

There are various ways in which you can ask your guests about your future plans. 

1. Via social media - Facebook,...

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