How to outperform your competitors by miles

More than 95% of all hotels around the world are not using the following strategy to outperform their competitors by miles. The strategy is very simple but incredibly effective. The reason why not all hotels are doing it has to do with effort. Effort is holding hotels back from becoming one-of-a-kind hotels in their own town. Staff have to invest time and passion to impress their guests with the following procedure. 

The step-by-step process to impress your guests tremendously and to be really unique is as follows:

- Write the name of your arriving guests on the keycard holder.

- Put a “Welcome Note” in the room of the arriving guests. A “Welcome Note” that says for instance, “Dear Name, welcome to Hotel XYZ - A home away from home”. Enjoy your stay - Your Hotel XYZ Team.”

- You can make it even more special by writing a short handwritten letter to your arriving guests. Writing a handwritten letter demonstrates a lot of effort and...

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How to work with independent hotels together

If you are managing a boutique hotel and you are seeking a method to increase your appearance on the net, then you will like the following strategy to become more known around the world. 

Let’s imagine your hotel is located in Germany and you would love to have more Spanish guests in your house. Perhaps you speak Spanish and you enjoy talking in Spanish with your guests. So what do you do to attract more Spanish people? 

The obvious answers are that you use Facebook Ads or AdWords and you target Spain. This is a simple, effective move, but it is an investment too. 

How about a marketing strategy that does not cost anything other than time to make two phone calls and write three emails? 

I am talking about a marketing partnership. A marketing partnership set up with the right partner that serves the same target group as you do is like discovering a goldmine. Let me explore it in detail so you can set up a marketing partnership right away.

For instance:


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Are you clear about your brand

Does your brand name have a meaning to you? Why did you choose the name? Do you like the name? How do your guests perceive the name? Do you believe your name made a difference to your guests, staff and city? Is your brand name important to you? If you had the chance to change your brand name would you do it?

These questions are easy to answer but they are crucial by all accounts. The right brand name has the potential to make the whole business become more successful. If you have a name that is impossible to pronounce and no one ever could remember it, you should definitely think about changing it. 

A brand name has to be engaging, simple to remember, simple to pronounce, and combined with a decent logo design. If you are planning to expand, your brand name should be able to do the same. Let’s say your brand name is XYZ ONE, it is pretty easy to expand it. You just need to change the number ONE to TWO or even go higher to TEN, and then it will look like you already have...

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Which music to play in the lobby

In some accommodation businesses the lobby is playing a crucial role. There are lobbies which are phenomenal; they are huge, extravagant, breathtaking, eye-catching, very comfortable and one of a kind. The lobby has the power to transmit the whole image and philosophy of the entire accommodation. In some cases the guests need to walk through the lobby to check in, so ensure the new arrivals are impressed by the well-thought-out architecture and decoration. In general, the lobby and reception are combined and the main entrance is not far away either. The concept of comfort first is still more important than trying by all means to increase the perception of the image.

Even if the lobby is not majestic it is a turning point for your guests and visitors. Guests and visitors like to meet in the lobby instead of going to the room to do business or have a conversation. The lobby serves as a meeting point, so should offer as many useful assets as possible. For instance, free Wi-Fi, coffee,...

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Wall Of Guests - with social media

In the online marketing world, “social proof” is one of the most important things to have to be more trustworthy. Marketers that have obtained testimonials from their customers are more than happy to post them on their homepage. A testimonial is powerful and it can have a huge impact on people’s decision-making, similar to reviews. However, the source / link / name of the testimonial should be given. 

Here is how you can integrate social proof into your accommodation business. The process is easy and quick. You choose an empty wall and start to ask guests to take pictures of them. 

1. Choosing the wall: Choose the right wall to create the biggest impact for your brand. Close your eyes and imagine that you are entering your accommodation. Where is the right spot for a unique wall? It’s a wall full of pictures of guests that stayed at your accommodation. Is the wall next to the entrance, next to the stairways, in the elevator, in the breakfast room,...

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How to attract locals

By looking for guests that are from another city, state or country you are limiting yourself from receiving many more reservations. Sometimes the answer to how to increase your occupancy is right around the corner. 

One solution to pass the test of a low season or a low week with flying colours is to have a look at your neighbours. Your locals can be the solution to your bottleneck. Here is how you attract your locals:

- Find out what your locals are looking for

- Do they want to enjoy a full service package for a few days?

- Do they just want to get out of their own four walls?

- Do they want to have a break from their daily routines?

- Do they want a break from cooking?

- Do they want to enjoy a very tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

- Do they want to enjoy a romantic evening?

The more information you obtain from your locals about what they are looking for, the easier it is for you to come up with tempting offers. 

Here is a two-step process to find out what your...

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How to use startup companies for your hotel business

There are many startup companies that are trying to be noticed and gain more exposure. In order to make your accommodation business more attractive and offer your guests special items that are not widely accessible on the market yet, a perfect strategy is working with a startup company. 

There are various startup companies out there that create fantastic products. Some of these companies lack exposure, backers, the right influential connections to reach the next level, and of course customers - those that are willing to test their products and even buy them. 

If you raise your hand and offer your accommodation to startup companies to work with you by providing space in your lobby or even in the rooms to present their products, then you actually support the the startup company in a big way, your guests by showing them new and useful gadgets, and your own business too. 

To emphasize the massive value that is standing behind this strategy, let’s have a look at each...

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Create your own personal city guide

To be unique, you need to do something unique. Differentiating yourself from your competitors is not always that easy, but in general there are ways to make it possible. One method to make a fabulous impression on your guests and improve your brand awareness is by providing your guests with your own city guide.

Imagine that whilst doing a check-in you provide your guests your own city guide as a gift. Your guests will be surprised and accept it with pleasure. Although there are many city guides out there, all of them are financed through advertisement. Preferably, you’ll make an interesting city guide that seems to be more personal. Let your guests know where you like to have lunch or dinner. Tell your guests where other guests went for lunch and dinner. Fill the city guide with pictures of your staff, guests, and you. Create a city guide that is fun to read and adorable to have. At the end you should present your guests with a city guide that stays with them for a long period...

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How a shuttle service can 10x your business

A shuttle service is a unique service. Guests love shuttle services. A shuttle service is an absolute magnet for your accommodation business. The following lines will explore this phenomenon. 

The majority of people love to obtain gifts and special services for free. There are people who like to negotiate and others who only ask for a discount. Some people are happy if they receive a $3 discount and others are only content when they obtain more than a 10% discount. Accordingly, most of your guests will appreciate it if you have a shuttle service picking them up and taking them to specific places.

If you have international guests and they arrive at the airport, you can be certain that they will love to get a shuttle service from the airport to your accommodation. It does not have to be free of charge, though it should be cheaper than Uber or a taxi. A shuttle service is a special service that not every accommodation business offers. With such a service your accommodation...

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What to do if nobody calls you

If your telephone in your accommodation is not ringing a couple of times a day: 

- You may receive many emails

- You are fully booked that day 


- Your accommodation is set to vacation

- Your telephone number is not viewable on your website / net

- You do not have a website

- You are not listed in Google Business, Bing, Yelp, or TripAdvisor

- You are not listed on any Online Travel Agency platform

- Your accommodation business does not seem to be appealing

- Your telephone could be broken

- You do not want to be found at all…

If one of the negative points above grab your attention and you want to get out of this vicious circle then make sure you go through the following five steps: 

1. Instead of waiting for a call it is time for you to take action. Call companies that stayed in your accommodation before and make them an unbeatable offer.

2. Become locally active - engage with restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, opera, etc.

3. Start to advertise on Facebook...

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