Why you should celebrate official holidays with your guests

An official holiday in your country is a special day. It is a day that people all around you celebrate once a year. Some of your guests may know the meaning of the day and others will not. Such a holiday is a perfect occasion to bring your guests closer to your country and to provide surprises. Tell the story behind the official holiday and increase the interest of your guests to get to know even more. A well-told story will stick in people’s mind and they will not forget where they heard about it. 

Celebrating official holidays bring your staff and your guests closer together. These days are full of joy and happiness. People love to share their stories and congratulate each other. 

Mother and Father Days are pretty awesome to get to know your guests better and have interesting conversations. Parents love to talk about their kids and share exciting adventures. If you are a parent as well, you’ll be able to keep talking with your guests for hours. 

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Take advantage of official holidays to build great guest relationships. These days are opportunities that only appear once a year. 

If you really want to impress your guests on a holiday - let’s say it’s Mother’s Day - then provide each mother in your accommodation with a bouquet of flowers. A bouquet of flowers really makes a difference to your guests and it will definitely be a surprise! Have you ever seen a hotel giving away 20 bouquets of flowers on Mother’s Day?! That is outstanding marketing. You can take a picture of each Mom and post it on your social media platform. In addition, you are bringing a lot of joy into other people's lives and that is really awesome. Just imagine right now how many smiles you will see as soon as you do this. 

In short:

• An official holiday is a huge opportunity

• It brings people together

• Rooms are filled with joy and happiness

• Easily build guest relationships by celebrating the day with each other

• Surprise guests with gifts or invitations

• Take advantage of these days