Why it is vital to thank the secretary instead of your guests

One of the best giveaways is a cleaning pad for a smartphone, tablet or a PC screen. A cleaning pad can be stuck on the back of a device and so it is always accessible. As mentioned in one of my videos, the perfect time to give this giveaway to your guests is while they are checking out. The guests pay their bill, but as another thank you, you provide them with a useful cleaning pad. 

In business hotels you have a lot of guests that do not pay their bills by themselves. These guests are businesspeople where the company pays the bill for them. As a business hotel you send the bill to the accounting department of the company. 

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In general, business people do not make their reservations by themselves, but rather their secretaries do. Thus, the hotel actually has to thank the secretary for making the reservation in their hotel. There are a couple of ways to thank the secretary. 

1. You call the company and ask for the person who made the reservation

2. You write a letter or email to the person

3. You insert a thank you note in the invoice that you send to the company that needs to make the payment.  

The fastest way to thank someone for the made reservation and to bring your brand into their mind again is to insert one of your cleaning pads in the envelope that you send to the company. The accountant or secretary will then receive this very useful gift and stick it on the back of a device. 

This strategy increases the probability that the person who receives the tool thinks of your accommodation more often and so makes another reservation. 

Staying in one’s mind and in contact is what you need to do to be more often fully booked. This marketing strategy is extremely effective and supports you in strengthening your success.