Why it is so vital to receive information and opinions from your staff

Most hotel owners / managers are very busy during the day. It is difficult for them to switch off and enjoy their spare time. However, I am sure that there are days where you can stay at home or do not have to be present in your accommodation business. These days are necessary to recharge your energy and clear your mind. 

As a hotel owner / manager you cannot always be in the right spot when guests give suggestions, recommendations, reviews, talk about ideas to improve a certain service, and mention shortcomings and other useful information that you actually need to know.  

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Thus, you need to communicate with your staff on a regular basis. A lot of things can happen during a week. Therefore, you should pass by your staff and ask them every week if guests complained or provided useful ideas to improve your business. This is an essential habit to become more successful in your business. Now and then there will be powerful information that has the ability to catapult your business straight to the next level. 

As you know, having the right information is crucial to stay on top of your market. Accordingly, you should ask your staff about their own opinions and ideas to improve the business. Your staff will be honoured that you care about their opinions and take them into account. Just like that you are deepening the relationship with your staff and they will feel more connected to your brand and business. If you implement one of the suggested ideas a staff member provided, they will be thrilled and energized to come up with more. Sooner or later, your staff want to gain more responsibility and they will realize that their job is not just a job, but an activity that makes a difference to thousands of people. It will become obvious to your staff members that everyone benefits the better the business is running.  

Sometimes it is difficult for hotel owners / managers / staff to notice an existing issue, due to the fact that only guests experience it. Thus, it is important to get to know what your guests dislike or appreciate the most. Even tiny information can help you adjust your course to more success.

In short:

• Listen to your guests

• Ask your staff about complaints and recommendations

• Integrate the ideas of your staff if they are worthwhile

• Be open minded and take suggestions seriously