Why are plants and flowers important for your hotel business

I believe I know the first answer that pops up in your mind for this questions: because flowers / plants look and smell nice… yes, I agree. Flowers look and smell celestial and they enhance the atmosphere of your reception / lobby or wherever you put them. Plants are magnificent and eye-catching too. However, there is more to it.

Flowers / plants represent freshness, dedication, and responsibility. Plants and flowers represent life as well. If no one waters the plants, they will die. Your guests know that and your staff do too. Therefore, by selecting a staff member each week to take care of the plants and flowers, you are educating this person to take responsibility for a task that does not seem to be vital. 

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Plants and flowers have the magic ability to make people smile. People look at them and feel balanced. They also have the ability to change one’s mood. They make people ponder, calm down, and provide lovely feelings and memories. They are even a big topic to talk about. Guests will ask questions and sooner or later you’ll find yourself in the middle of a conversation. Having a smooth conversation is always a sign of building or intensifying a guest relationship.

The answer to a simple question seems to be obvious, but often there is much more behind it. It is time to look through an object and not just at it. In this context, try to look at the reviews that you receive for your accommodation from a different perspective rather than just at the statement itself. Ask yourself questions regarding why guests gave you for instance a bad rating, what made them do that, and what should have been in place to prevent it.      

In short:

• Plants / flowers present value

• They need to be taken care of

• They can change the atmosphere and make people smile

• They are more than eye-catchers

• They have the ability to make people look beyond reality

• They can change people's mood

• They can be hook for establishing a guest relationship