What's the one great thing that people would like to see in a hotel room?

Our guests love the pantry kitchen!

All of our hotel rooms are like small apartments. We have a pantry kitchen with a refrigerator, hot plate, hot kettle, sink, cutlery, plates, pan, pot, tea cup, bread knife, cutting board and a microwave. This is kind of special. The pantry kitchen is one of the reasons we have so many long stays and regular guests. A pantry kitchen is like a long-term guest magnet. So if you are planning to establish a hotel, then do not build ordinary hotel rooms; instead, build small, cozy apartments. That is the current trend.

A pantry kitchen is a win-win situation for your guests and for you. Your guests do not need to go to a restaurant every day. Therefore, they save a lot of money and they can relax in their hotel room even more. Most of our guests are business people, and so after they work they just want to calm down and rest. They like to cook something small for themselves and fall asleep afterwards. Your guests will appreciate these well-thought out amenities.

Your investment will increase, but in the long run it makes much more sense for your overall business.

Here is one more item I need to mention in regard to the question: you need to have beer in the mini bar!

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