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What does a guest mean to you?

Did you ever ask yourself what a guest means to you? Is a guest valuable to you? Is each guest an unique person to you? Do you treat each guest the same way? What makes a guest special? Do you prefer one guest over another?

Take a moment and think about these questions. The answers seem to be no-brainers, but are you really living what you’re thinking in regards to this topic?

There is one fact that has to be mentioned and emphasized, although it is crystal clear. The guest is the person who is paying your bills. Guests provide income for the hotel. Your hotel is up and running only because you are satisfying your guests.
By reading your online ratings you can have an idea how satisfied are your guests with your services and facilities.

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Now, what do you think is going to happen if you focus 100% on your guests? Ask yourself: how much am I really focusing on my guests right now? Give yourself a percentage from 0-100%. If you have a percentage of 50%, your occupancy rate is quite high and your online ratings are all good. Next, envision what will happen if you increase your focus. Maybe you will have to build another hotel!

On the other hand, if your percentage in regards to focusing on your daily guests is somewhat low, then your occupancy rate is also low and your online ratings low as well. You need to act.

Where do you begin? Well, each facet of the hotel business is connected. It all starts with your website where someone can make a reservation, then goes on to the check-in process, the friendliness of the staff, the cleanliness of the hotel and especially of the room / bathroom, the quality of the mattress, the bed sheets / pillow / blanket, the sound-absorbing barriers, the breakfast and many more crucial things. Each facet plays a large role in your overall success.

The following sentence may sound weird.

“The Guest Is Your Hotel”

Treat your guest the same way as you are taking care of your hotel. Think of the first time you opened your hotel’s gates to the world. How much effort did you invest in each single detail? Everything had to be perfect so the very first guest could feel at home. That same effort, energy and emotion needs to continue with every new guest that arrives at your hotel.

Don’t get blinded by the success you’re experiencing right now. Reservations are coming in, guests are checking-in and out, you’re receiving ordinary ratings, days are passing by and everything seems to continue like that forever. Having this attitude and mindset will sooner or later bring misfortune. Do not rest on your laurels. Always keep up the great work and aim for the very best!

Tell me your opinion. What do you think about your guests?
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