What are the must haves on your website

Go through the must haves on your website to build trust and curiosity.

To build trust and curiosity through your website you need have the following elements available:

- Logo

- Email address

- Telephone number

- Address

- Pictures

- List of amenities

- List of services

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- A couple of feedback videos

- Testimonials

- Pictures of gadgets

- Picture of your Hotel-Info-Map

- Google Maps

- Your USPs

- Picture of your staff or the person in charge

All these elements build up the trust your visitors are looking for. They want to stay in a place that fits them and where they do not feel like complete strangers. People do not tend to like change much, therefore the more information you offer on your website, the more they will get to know your place and the more familiar they will be. Make your website as beautiful and informative as possible so that your visitors feel like they are welcome as soon as they encounter your services. 

Have in mind that simplicity wins in the long run. I do not suggest creating a complicated and multifunctional website where visitors have to click on many different buttons just to obtain important information. Make your website as simple as possible so that visitors can browse through your services within a minute or less. Be precise and have a clear statement.