What are some innovative ways to encourage guests to leave online reviews for your hotel?

Hey everyone! I am managing my own hotel and over the years I’ve used different strategies to receive not just feedback, but great feedback. The easiest way to receive reviews is simply by asking the guests when they checked out. You ask them if everything was fine, right after they’ve paid. If they reply happily and you can see that they are satisfied with your services, you let them know that you would appreciate receiving an online rating for the hotel. However, that is not all. It is crucial that you let the guests know “WHY” an online review is so important for you. In fact, tell your guests that online reviews give you the ability to serve more guests and reach your goal of owning the best hotel in your town. If your guests know that you have a goal in mind, they will support you to reach it—if they have been satisfied with their overall experience. The guests have a lot of influence in regard to online reviews. They can more of less push your business to the top of an OTA’s platform, or to the bottom.

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To understand why it is so important to give your guests an explanation / reason to leave online feedback, I can recommend to you the book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini. As soon as you read this book, you will definitely realize what kind of difference it makes to add a REASON at the end of your request.

Another way to receive reviews is by sending your guests an email with a link to TripAdvisor after they have left your hotel. Here’s a template:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. ______,

We thank you for choosing The Hotel _____, for your trip to _____ (e.g. Germany). Please find the attached invoice for your last stay with us.

We would be grateful if you would review us on TripAdvisor, which is the world’s largest travel site, helping millions of visitors every month plan their trip. Our guests often tell us how helpful it is to read past reviews before booking their own stay and we are always eager to receive your feedback and learn how we can improve.

Please click on _____ (http: your link. com) to review us on TripAdvisor.

Thank you and hope to welcome you back soon.

Sincerely …

The Hotel _____

Attention: do not set up a system that sends these requests automatically. It is possible that you may have a guest one day who has not been satisfied with your services. By sending out your requests manually, you can be sure to send it to guests that enjoyed their stay at your place. Have in mind, that people tend to be more eager to post a bad feedback than a good one.

It is certain that without any reviews of your business, you will not obtain as many guests as you desire.