Wall Of Guests - with social media

In the online marketing world, “social proof” is one of the most important things to have to be more trustworthy. Marketers that have obtained testimonials from their customers are more than happy to post them on their homepage. A testimonial is powerful and it can have a huge impact on people’s decision-making, similar to reviews. However, the source / link / name of the testimonial should be given. 

Here is how you can integrate social proof into your accommodation business. The process is easy and quick. You choose an empty wall and start to ask guests to take pictures of them. 

1. Choosing the wall: Choose the right wall to create the biggest impact for your brand. Close your eyes and imagine that you are entering your accommodation. Where is the right spot for a unique wall? It’s a wall full of pictures of guests that stayed at your accommodation. Is the wall next to the entrance, next to the stairways, in the elevator, in the breakfast room, in the lobby, or behind the reception? The right spot for your social proof is crucial because the pictures of laughing guests transmits the emotions to your newly arrived guests immediately. Guests new to your accommodation are very curious, so they will have a look at your social proof wall. Such a picture wall is catching and uplifting. It is the opposite of bragging. You are only presenting guests that enjoyed the stay at your accommodation. Your new guests will absorb these images and start daydreaming. Of course, they will expect to be asked for a picture too or leave your accommodation with a smile on their face.

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2. Where to take the pictures: Taking a picture does not just involve clicking on a camera button, but is instead about capturing a special moment. The background of your guests plays a big role as well. You can take a picture in front of your reception, in your garden, in front of your building, on your terrace and even in a nice room. Take a picture where the background is meaningful. If you are really passionate about making your pictures unique and increasing their impact, then make sure you have a photo booth background with your accommodation name and domain name on it. There are transparent or open photo booths available as well. A circular arc photo booth is nice to have. On top you can display your name and behind you have your garden or a different nice background.    

3. How to use the additional value of a picture in the correct way: Having pictures of your guests with nice backgrounds, a photo booth background, or a background where your accommodation name and domain name is present is worth a lot. You should use these pictures for your social media accounts. First and foremost, you increase your authority, you gain more trust and your audience knows exactly where to find you due to the website and name presented in the picture. In addition, you should use some of these pictures in your own hotel-info-map. Most of the guests look at the hotel-info-map to get a better idea of where the hotel is located, which attractions are nearby, where to find a good restaurant and so on. Inserting your unique pictures will definitely increase the value of your hotel-info-map. Furthermore, use these pictures on your own website as well, as it creates a more personal touch. Your visitors will notice that you love to get in touch with your guests and that you are passionate about making your guests feel comfortable while staying at your accommodation.

 In short: 

• Think about designing a picture wall

• Choose the right wall that impresses your guests from the start

• Choose a photo booth stand with a nice background

• Make sure that your name and website link is viewable

• Use the pictures in as many places as possible