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Transportation Step by Step - Leads To More Guests

Here is another simple way to receive more direct bookings on your website. This simple method has to do with the transportation process to reach your accommodation from a specific location. As you know, guests love clean rooms, delicious breakfast and useful amenities; however, what they love most is a very kind and supportive staff. 

The staff have the ability and power to shift guests. They can make guests smile and make them feel very comfortable while they stay in their accommodation. Being aware of the fact that the staff of an accommodation have the energy and creativity to add that indescribable emotional feeling to their guests, would it not be awesome to use this preferred way even before the guests stay in your accommodation? Imagine how potential new guests would no longer hesitate to make a booking in your accommodation, instead just doing it without even thinking about it. 

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One effective way to reach this outcome is through a video of you. In this video you explain step by step how to reach your accommodation business from a specific location (e.g. from the airport / main station / bus station / highway). Through this video your audience gets to know you. They see you in person, they see your personality, your character, your gestures, and so much more. They realize that providing service to your guests even before they are standing in front of you is very important to you. The video that explains the transportation process step by step is much more than just a video that tells your potential new guests how to reach your accommodation. Your potential new guests actually absorb you, your brand, your accommodation and your services. Your audience is automatically and instantly creating an image of you and your business. When your guests arrive at your accommodation and watched this video, they will know you already. At the reception they will recognize you and perhaps tell you that they watched your video. Thus, you are not a stranger to them and your accommodation is not unfamiliar to them either. 

A short video on how to reach your accommodation has a massive impact on your potential new guests. At the beginning it does not look like something special or something that moves the needle, but if you look behind the scenes and go a little bit deeper you realize how much potential this video really has. People want to be a part of great energy and they want to experience awesome locations and hosts. 


Watch the video to see what I'm talking about.



Therefore, I challenge you to shoot a video within one week. As soon as you have edited and uploaded the video, send me the link and I will post it on my Facebook page for you. Your brand awareness will automatically increase. In addition, watch my video on this topic where I reveal one imperative task you need to mention in your video to boost your direct bookings by ten times. (I did not mention this necessity in this blog post so press play and listen carefully.)