Saying your hotel is too small is not an excuse

To start an accommodation business you only need to have one nice apartment available that you are allowed to offer on Airbnb. One apartment is enough to start your business story. Saying that you do not have enough rooms available to expand is an excuse for perhaps giving up a dream you have, for not giving your best, for limiting yourself to reach more or some other objectives that you face. 

Even though you just have one apartment available you should offer the best service to your guests. Provide a clean, cosy, attractive, and adorable apartment that makes your guests feel at home. Your guests should not be missing anything that belongs to an apartment. If you can and if you are willing then provide even more than guests expect from you. Add value to your apartment. Provide surprises so that you receive the best rating possible. Offer an apartment that is booked throughout the year. 

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If you set yourself precepts to offer the best apartment in your town and you are absolutely clear about what you want to reach, then go for it. Do everything that is necessary to make your dream come true. Convince your guests to give you the highest ratings by providing the best service. 

At the end of your guests’ stay do not be shy to ask for a great rating. In addition, ask which areas you need to improve so that you can offer a better experience to your next guests.

It is common that people start small, but if they are determined to achieve what they aim for then they usually do. Therefore, do not give up and come up with excuses that do not serve you. Instead, look for ways to grow and obtain your next apartment. 

The same principles are also meant to be for hotel owners that believe that they do not have enough rooms available to grow. There is always a possibility to grow if you believe in it.