Partner with potential businesses

An accommodation business that provides everything guests can think of is more than wonderful. Many guests look for a gym, a spa, a sauna, an indoor and outdoor pool, a garden, a terrace, a balcony and even a park. If you are one of the lucky ones that offers all of these pleasures, I guess you do not have to worry about much. However, if you do not offer all of them it is not the end of the world, as there are ways to make up for it. 

If you would like to offer your guests a nice spa experience, then look for a spa close to your accommodation. Call the spa manager and explain your partnership idea step by step. It is not necessary to sign a contract or look for commission. If you keep it simple by referring your guests to this specific spa and the spa is advertising your hotel, that is already enough. As soon as you see that your guests love the spa and go there often, then you can think of charging a commission. Nevertheless, try to establish a clear marketing partnership first. 

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You go through the same procedure with all other interesting businesses that your guests could be interested in. One place that guests are almost always looking for is a gym. Most of the time it is easy to get in touch with the gym manager and propose a partnership. Having an advertising partnership with a gym is a real win-win situation for both parties. 

According to this procedure find out which activities your guests are interested in and start contacting these businesses to make your hotel more attractive. As you can see, you do not have to offer everything in your accommodation, but if you are eager to become the best accommodation in your town, then look for possibilities to provide as many services to your guests as possible. 

Hint: Always keep your marketing partnership explanation and conditions simple to get results. The majority of managers already have enough contracts signed and have heard too many times that “this is going to be awesome.” If you present your partnership as something of a no brainer, you will have more success partnering up with various businesses. 

Important: Make sure that the businesses that you are choosing to partner with have good ratings and are clean. It would be a fatal mistake if you choose the gym around the corner just because it is very close to you even though the facilities are terrible. You need to choose businesses that follow your standards. Choose businesses that are extraordinary and that succeed through their performance. Choosing the first business that comes along is inimical to your brand. If you cannot find the right business to partner up with then leave that aside.