How to write history with your resort

Managing a successful resort must be wonderful and interesting. Resorts are like tiny villages. Most resorts offer almost everything that guests are looking for, and in many cases they are over-delivering in services. Sometimes there are so many amenities that guests are simply overwhelmed. Resorts are seen as paradises on earth and I totally agree with this view.  

Even though resorts offer almost everything that guests wish for, there is still space for more. For instance, a treasure hunt that excites guests and lets them discover the whole place. Offering a treasure hunt once a week to guests that are interested in it will definitely create an adventure and a new experience for them. 

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To gain a better understanding of how your guests will feel about being invited to a treasure hunt, I suggest putting yourself in a guest’s position. Being in a resort and enjoying each day under palms, at the beach and next to the sea is already awesome. In addition, having the chance to take part in an interesting and exciting game where the winner receives a huge surprise is incredible (a surprise could be a dinner a la carte, a 30-minute massage, 30 minutes with a personal trainer at the gym - you get the idea).

Such a game offered by a resort is not common. It will be received as a unique activity. In addition, it is very effective in creating word-of-mouth marketing. As you know, positive word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best advertisements that can happen to your business. It is free of charge and recommendations are much more convincing than ordinary billboards or online ads. 

Accordingly, the guests that join the treasure hunt will get to know each other and a small community can be formed. Such a community brings joy and happiness to one and another. Friendships will be created that could last for a lifetime. The friends will always remember where they met the first time. 

It is hard to imagine, but you are actually writing history through setting up a treasure hunt.