How to outperform your competitors by miles

More than 95% of all hotels around the world are not using the following strategy to outperform their competitors by miles. The strategy is very simple but incredibly effective. The reason why not all hotels are doing it has to do with effort. Effort is holding hotels back from becoming one-of-a-kind hotels in their own town. Staff have to invest time and passion to impress their guests with the following procedure. 

The step-by-step process to impress your guests tremendously and to be really unique is as follows:

- Write the name of your arriving guests on the keycard holder.

- Put a “Welcome Note” in the room of the arriving guests. A “Welcome Note” that says for instance, “Dear Name, welcome to Hotel XYZ - A home away from home”. Enjoy your stay - Your Hotel XYZ Team.”

- You can make it even more special by writing a short handwritten letter to your arriving guests. Writing a handwritten letter demonstrates a lot of effort and people know that it takes time. Guests will appreciate it and they will definitely remember it. In addition, they will be so surprised to receive a personal letter from the hotel that they will tell this story to their family, friends and colleagues. By writing a personal letter you are actually establishing a word-of-mouth marketing campaign - a campaign that lasts for years and that makes a huge impression on your guests. 

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The goal of this marketing strategy is to make your guests feel very special. The more special they feel, the better feedback results you obtain. Guests like to feel special and they love to receive small gifts. Imagine that you are staying in a hotel and you are treated as a “VIP” - how would you feel? Most people would feel great and very thankful. They would be surprised and ask themselves, “Why me? What did I do to receive such a great service?” 

That is not all to it. After your guests leave your accommodation they want to give back. The way guests give back is by providing a very nice online feedback for your hotel. Guests take the time to write something special about you and will certainly give you one of the best ratings possible on a travel agency platform. 

As you can see, a handwritten note makes a huge difference throughout guests stays. You are not only selling a room as your product but an experience too. In general, the experience has more value than the room itself. That has to do with memories and storytelling. People love to tell stories about their trips and about the people they met. Therefore, remember as soon as guests enter your accommodation, you must start to create an experience. 

Making check-ins and check-outs every single day seem to be so simple and ordinary that the special moments and the meaning behind the routines are forgotten. Have in mind that every single guest is special and every single guest has the same value as another. Treat your guests with respect and if you want to become the best hotel in your town, then treat all of your guests like VIPs.