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How to offer services that nobody else offers!

The easiest way to get to know what you need to offer in your hotel to differentiate it from others is to find out what is being offered to guests by hotels nearby on a regular basis. Do not worry too much about special events that other hotels host. These events only take place two to four times a year.
To experience the full service of another hotel, you can even stay one or two nights there to get a feeling for their services and really observe what they are doing differently. This is not illegal and you don’t need to feel bad—you are just trying to learn something new that can improve your business. Find the missing pieces, look for mistakes that other hotels are making, and implement strategies that are difficult to outperform.

By and large, you really have to get to know what other hotels are doing to attract people. Your analysis will be crucial to making your next bold move.

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Think about Apple and Samsung. Both companies are rivals. Each company purchases their rival’s products to have a better understanding of the technology they are using and to predict their next move. Each company is trying to be one or even two steps ahead of the other. That is exactly what you have to do, too. Technology is not the most important part in the hotel business rather than the service you are offering to your guests. Offering services to your guests (free of charge or paid for) is one of the main reasons why guests recommend you or not. Most of the time, a hotel’s customer service is its key to success. The business person who understands this simple principle already has a head start and is on his way to reach his goal. If you cannot imagine that having a fascinating customer service is responsible that your company is on the top of the market or a flop, then check out the amazon, apple and virgin customer service. Call their customer service line and ask some questions. You will immediately realize that their customer services are outstanding and your questions appreciated.

Here is another approach to find out what you have to improve and what you are missing: ask a friend that has nothing to do with a hotel business to stay a few nights at your hotel. Get him to do a survey. Your friend should write everything down that caught his attention; from when he first contacted your hotel until the email he had received after he had departed. Your friend should tell you the truth without blandishing. Flattery is pure nonsense and is not going to support you at all. If you cannot find a friend who dares to tell you the truth about the areas where the hotel fails, then find someone who does not care about your feelings.

Taking one or even both of these steps will certainly improve your management strategies. It will give you more insight and knowledge about your own hotel. It is helpful to see your business from a whole different perspective as enables you to see the bigger picture again.