How to offer a shuttle service, even though you don’t have one

Offering a shuttle service is a one-of-a-kind service. In most cases hotels offer a shuttle bus in which more or less 10-20 people can fit. Ordinary hotel shuttle buses often take the guests to the city centre, a specific mall and to the airport.  

Having a shuttle service of any kind is quite expensive. You have the cost of the driver, the car itself, the gasoline, the car insurance, the time to clean the car, the maintenance of the car and maybe even the cost of an accident; perhaps there are some other small pieces that you would like to invest in your car too. 

However, if you want to grab your guests’ attention and excite them about a shuttle service, you do not necessarily need your own shuttle service. Let’s imagine you have a great relationship with an outstanding restaurant in your town. How about you convince the owner of the restaurant to provide a shuttle service that picks your guests up and brings them to the restaurant to enjoy their lunch or dinner? The owner of the restaurant obtains more customers and increases the restaurant’s popularity. You on the other hand provide an outstanding service to your guests and you recommend to them an outstanding restaurant at the same time. In addition, after your guests have had lunch or dinner at the restaurant, they can go shopping and enjoy the city. 

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Setting up such an agreement is a win-win situation for everyone. In this context you just have to make sure that the restaurant’s car is an elegant one and that the driver is qualified for the job. Due to the fact that you are recommending the specific restaurant, your reputation is at stake. The quality of the shuttle service needs to be at the same level or even higher as your accommodation business. 

Following this strategy creates massive attraction and you are building a foundation that is solid and ready for more. Instead of saying to yourself that a shuttle service is too expensive to have, you need to look for solutions that are not obvious to everyone. If there is a problem, there is a solution too. Having said that, go through your contact list and find the right person to partner up with. Your booking numbers are about to explode as soon as you inform your potential new guests on your website that you offer a shuttle service. The demand for a shuttle service in a moderate / well-priced hotel exists up to 100%.

Your new guests are actually just waiting for you to pick them up to stay at your accommodation.