How to offer a hotel work-out booklet

How important is sport for you? Do you feel a difference after your workout? For many people sport is relieving; it reduces their stress level and makes them feel good. Therefore, many guests look to do sports while they are in a hotel. If you offer a gym then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you do not have a gym then the following solution will fit you.

Creating a sport workout booklet especially composed for your accommodation will establish mind-blowing moments for your guests. As soon as your guests notice the booklet and start reading it, they will realize that they can do easy exercises in their room.  

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You are providing more service through this simple booklet that is filled with various exercises. The creation of this booklet is fairly easy to do. If you are in good shape you can take pictures of yourself while you are doing a specific exercise. If you forego being posted in the booklet you’ll have to hire a personal trainer for one hour who poses in various positions in your hotel room. 

When you are done with the pictures, you simply start writing some brief text about each of the exercises. Certify that everything you write down is valid and completely correct, as teaching an exercise the wrong way could have some bad consequences. To make this process even easier and faster you can copy and paste sentences from the net and provide all sources. 

For instance, how to perform a perfect push up in your hotel room could be one of your exercises. Sometimes a booklet will go missing, so make sure that you produce enough of them. You can even sell the booklets too and have another small income stream. 

Even though the majority of your guests will not do any exercise in their rooms, you show them through your booklet that you care for them and that a simple hotel room can be used as a gym as well. 

Providing such a booklet is quite unique in the accommodation industry. There are not many hotels without a gym that offer a workout booklet to their guests. Offer one and you will inculcate your brand and service in your guests’ minds. 

Be bold and walk the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. The effort you invest in establishing this booklet is minimal compared to the amazing results you will obtain once it is ready to be used.