How to make your accommodation business appear massive

Each single detail of an accommodation plays a major role in regards to convincing and impressing your guests. The beauty of your building is one enormous part. Your garden and various outside facilities are different parts that contribute to the first impressions of your guests. 

An outstanding way to make your accommodation business appear immense and important right on your floor area are flagpoles. Flagpoles have the image to present something important; for instance a parliament, a well-known bank, an organization, a company, and much more. 

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Your flagpoles should be positioned where they can be seen from a long distance. When your guests turn into your street they can see the driveway from far away. Flagpoles increase the value of your business and they differentiate you from your competitors. Not every accommodation has the space and permission to set up flagpoles. If you have the ability to implement this idea, then go ahead. Your guests will gain more certainty that they made the right decision booking a room in your accommodation that way.  

Two flagpoles are enough to make your statement of being a high-value accommodation business. As soon as you’ve consolidated them be aware that the flags have to be clean and ensure that they do not have any fringes. Putting them up and forgetting about them is not the way to go. Clearly, you need to wash the flags, exchange them or even purchase new ones after a period of time. Flagpoles provide a huge image boost and create the right first impression; however, the tiny downside is that you need to take care of them a few times a year.