How to increase your productivity

In an accommodation business there is not much time to rest. Staff members have to be multi-tasking and energized most of the time. Having a bad attitude or feeling bored are no goes. There are a lot of things that have to be done day to day. Most of the activities that have to be done daily are tasks that do not change much. Although people do these tasks over and over again, they tend to forget one or two from time to time. To prevent this carelessness the utility of checklists is fabulous. 

Checklists make it almost impossible to forget to fulfil a task that is displayed. Following checklists minimizes incautiousness and provides more calmness. Working with checklists is relieving and your staff members will know exactly what to do even if they get distracted by an urgent demand or request. By just following the checklist from A to Z the staff can be sure that nothing is falling behind and that all the necessary work is done. 

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When you create your checklist, you need to go through it a couple of times and make sure that each single point is listed. Preferably you’ll go through it by yourself a couple of times, adding and making changes if necessary. As soon as you are 100% confident that every important step is on the checklist for a specific employee, you give it a try. Keep track of the progress and keep communicating with your staff. Tracking and communication is crucial in improving your new implementations and the established procedures. Your staff members will do the tasks as displayed on the checklist, hence make sure that you do not forget anything that is necessary to fulfil a job. 

Through providing checklists your staff will save a lot of time pondering about their next task. In addition, it becomes much easier for you to just check off the tasks and make sure that everything is ready to go. 

Checklists are a huge game-changer for your business. Regularly occurring mistakes can be easily extinguished and your business will therefore run much more smoothly. 

I strongly recommend using checklists to improve your business. Instant progress will be observed right after implementation and the quality standard of your entire accommodation business will be increased. Using a checklist is quite simply a no-brainer.