How to increase the number of positive reviews with two simple steps

To receive outstanding ratings for your accommodation you need to exceed your guests’ expectations. Despite the fact that everything in your accommodation has to be in perfect shape, your rooms, lobby, and everything that belongs to your accommodation has to be clean.

If your guests booked the reservation by themselves over an OTA, they will probably receive a reminder message from the OTA service to leave a feedback for your accommodation. At checkout let your guests know that you would appreciate it if they would leave you a perfect rating for your services. 

However, if the reservation for the guests was booked by their secretary and the bill has to be sent to the company, you can expect that the secretary receives a reminder to leave a feedback for your accommodation. This procedure mostly occurs in corporate hotels. Thus, many secretaries book a hotel room for their boss. The secretary sends a cost absorption to the hotel and the hotel sends the invoice to the company / the booker. 

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If you are really eager to improve your online rating and at the same time increase your brand awareness, you can use the following strategy to do exactly that: 

Instead of sending flowers to the secretary (we assume that this is the person who made the reservation), you insert in the envelope where the invoice is placed a beautiful and useful cleaning pad for a smartphone, tablet or PC screen. The cleaning pad does not weigh anything. It is thin and it looks like a business card. Therefore, it is an ease to insert in the envelope. The person who opens the envelope will be more than surprised to see this cleaning pad, and will immediately know that it is for them. They will realize that it is a gift / thank you note for making a reservation in your accommodation. A cleaning pad is very useful and so the receiver of it will use it and stick it for instance on their smartphone. As you know from your own experience, smartphones are used frequently every day. In fact, a study found that the average person checks their device 85 times a day. That is an incredible number. Imagine your cleaning pad is stuck to an average  person’s smartphone - that would be a huge success. Your brand will not just be known and seen by the person who uses the smartphone, but by family members, friends, colleagues and people that are curious. 

Your investment will pay off enormously. Unfortunately you cannot measure your success by numbers, but you can see an increase of reservations over time. You will notice that companies that received your cleaning pad book your accommodation more often. By and large, it will make a difference in regard to your success.

Another strategy that you can apply to increase your bookings, which is not as fancy as the one mentioned above, is to send a thank you email to the person who made the reservation. Often is it possible to see who made the reservation for a guest, and so you can look into each received reservation and send the booker a brief thank you note. One of the biggest benefits of doing this is that you are reminding the booker of your services. Thus, not only is the OTA sending an email to the booker asking them to provide feedback, but you are indirectly doing the same by saying thank you. 

I suggest that you go ahead with this strategy and track your results.