How to entertain your guests

There are various ways to entertain your guests; some are interesting to look at and observe, and there are others where your guests are actively involved. Here are some examples for both variations. 

1. People like to be invited to events where they do not have to do anything aside from watching the crowd and interacting with other people. The highlight for such events could be to let a professional belly dancer perform her show, invite a fire-breather to heat up the crowd or let an Indian music group play their awesome Bhangra and dance at the same time. These are real attractions and they are wonderful to experience.  

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By offering such events you are providing your guests with new experiences and giving your guests a new story to talk about. The marketing magic that is taking place while people are watching the event is invisible. You cannot see it, but it definitely assumes form. Your popularity will automatically increase and your guests will talk about these events weeks and months after they have experienced them. It might be an investment, but well-thought-out events are oftentimes more successful than Facebook or Google ads. In addition, think about the pictures that your guests take while being at the event. Often they will post them on their social media account where the pictures will be seen and shared a couple of times. As you can see, the setup of an event can have many positive unknown outcomes that one cannot even think of beforehand. 

Other shows that need a moderate investment to be installed but that can be put into play as many times as you want are laser and fountain shows combined with music. These are shows that are really impressive and enjoyable to look at.   

2. As mentioned at the beginning, there are events where the guests are actively involved as well. Some of these events are challenges of any kind (chess challenge, free throw challenge, penalty kick, etc. - just be sure that nobody gets hurt) 

I believe the most adorable and craved-for event has to do with food and beverages. Thus, you can invite your guests to a barbecue party, a cocktail party, or even teach your guests how to mix cocktails. These are events that will be packed and are huge fun to be part of. 

In short, there are many possibilities to entertain your guests. Whatever event you choose, be sure that you make the most of the moment. Encourage people to take pictures, and they will later share them by themselves. Encourage them to get involved in the activities and to get to know each other. Create an event that lasts for years and that is worth spreading around. Think outside the box and be unique in what you set up. When you believe that you are ready to party and that everything is in order as planned, then start going the extra mile and add something special to it.