How to boost your social media by honouring one of your special guests

There are days when you struggle to come up with ideas for your social media marketing. Now and then it is difficult to keep on posting information, pictures, quotes and videos regularly. In addition, the posts should be interesting or eye-catching. 

To create a little hype in your social media world and to gain some more excitement about your brand, I would like to provide you with the following idea. Once a month or maybe once every two weeks (as you like), reward the very first guests that check into your hotel. Provide the first person that stands in front of your reception and who just wants to receive their room key with an amazing surprise. 

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Let your very first guest of the day know that they are the lucky one. While you say that to the person, be sure to record everything. The emotions and feelings have to be captured. The surprise has to be seen on their face. 

After you have revealed the present the guest received (an upgrade / free breakfast / free dinner/ etc.) you ask the person if you are allowed to post the video on your social media platforms. 

If the person agrees to your request you can be certain that this video will be shared by some of your fans. The real emotions and feelings that the guest shows will be responsible for likes and shares. 

If you do this once every month or once every two weeks it will keep this marketing strategy special. If you do it every week or even every day it will lose its uniqueness and your followers won’t share it as many times as before. 

In addition, your lucky guests will appreciate your gift and will probably give you a nice rating online. With such tiny marketing gigs you can pull your brand to the top and increase your brand awareness enormously. People will realize that you are different than ordinary accommodation businesses and that your place is fun to be at. 

As soon as you start using this strategy keep on doing it for at least six months. Once a year is too little. People who are eager to visit you may have it in their minds that they could be the next winner. Keep this desire up by performing this marketing strategy for a moderate period of time. 

Suggestion: Provide the lucky person with a gift that is really amazing so that the surprise and joy while letting the person know about it is fantastic and one of a kind. Make the presentation of the surprise special as well. Do not just say what the surprise is, but provide an envelope or a gift box that the person has to unpack. Creating tension and excitement is crucial to increasing the scale of joy. Blow the whole moment up by establishing an environment that is not common. Think of a TV show when you are planning to create a special environment / place.