How LED lights turn your hotel into an attraction

LED is sunshine at night! 

LEDs are not only energy-efficient and save a lot of money, but they have attractive effects too. At night you can make your accommodation building look like a shining star. The implementation is simple - you just look for the right company and ask for their recommendations. The goal is to make your building look special and pretentious without disturbing your guests. If you place LEDs in front of your building you have to be cautious that no LED beam shines directly into a room. Your guests want to sleep at night and there are many people that cannot fall asleep if light is shining through their window. Many guests even write on their booking requests that they would like to have a room that has no illuminating advertising in front of their windows. As a result, having illuminating advertising in front of windows will garner bad reviews. 

LEDs are usable in many different ways to upvalue your building from the entry to the last parking spot. For instance, you can embed LEDs in the ground of your entryway. LEDs can be positioned between your windows and shine right between them. The beams of these LEDs can have different colours. LEDs that change colours look interesting and add massive value to the building.   

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In addition, LEDs implemented from the entry all the way to the parking lot make a great impression on your guests and everyone that enters. Lights are seductive and provide a feeling of wellbeing if the colours and positions of each LED are chosen correctly. More light also makes the building more secure at night. Your guests will have less fear if various places, corners, and sitting areas are lit up at night. 

LEDs are not only an enrichment outside of your building, but inside as well. You can position many different LEDs around your reception, in your lobby or in different sitting areas. These colourful lights have the ability to change the entire atmosphere. They can brighten one’s day and increase positive emotions.

In sum, LEDs add value to your building and create a specific atmosphere. Your business will have a different appearance when you integrate LEDs in your concept. It will make your business shine in a different way than it has before. A really cool thing is that you can change the colours of the LEDs and so you can present your building in different colours every single day. LEDs make your building unique and it will become an eye-catcher. 

If you want to go one step further think about establishing a laser show. Every Monday you could have a laser show for your guests. You can advertise it in each room and invite everybody to take part. During and after the show you can get to know your guests more and create guest relationships. A laser show is a great event and provides an opportunity to impress your guests once more. People that have never seen a laser show before will be surprised. In addition, you can increase your profits during and after the show through beverages and snacks. Perhaps you could promote your delicious club sandwich and self-made lemonade along with the show. There are various ways to harness such an event for business.