Give your best room as many times away as possible

Why should you give your best room away as many times as possible? Why should you provide guests with a better room even though they did not pay for it? Why should you offer someone more for less? 

I guess these are the first obvious questions to come to mind. They are absolutely eligible. Certainly, it is nonsense to provide guests with an upgrade to a superior room if they did not pay or even ask for it. However, there is a powerful reason behind this strategy. In fact, it is easy to understand why as soon as you imagine that you yourself received an upgrade to a better suite free of charge. Ask yourself the question “How do I feel and which emotions do I have when the receptionist tells me that I received an upgrade free of charge?” I assume you will be surprised, excited, happy, and extraordinary curious. Receiving a hotel room upgrade is a tiny bit similar to winning a small amount on the lottery. At the beginning you cannot grasp it and it takes time to understand, but after a few seconds you realize that you received an amazing deal for less than you actually paid for. 

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Accordingly, you will be more than happy to be the lucky one receiving an upgrade and you will definitely be thankful. You will have a smile all over your face and be 5 cm taller. I suppose that you will have such a flash that you start loving the accommodation business for being so extraordinarily nice to you. You will then be eager to give this accommodation an awesome rating.  

While you are giving your guests an upgrade as a hotel owner / manager free of charge, you are using the well-known method of Dr. Robert Cialdini called the ‘reciprocation method’. You give something to someone and this person will be so thankful that they will want to give you something back. In regards to your accommodation business, the best this person can do for you is to give you an extraordinary rating online that will blow people’s minds. 

Now let’s come back to my suggestion of giving your guests an upgrade whenever you can. The rooms are your products and you can sell them as many times as possible. If you have days when your accommodation is not fully booked and you believe that it is time to obtain some awesome ratings again, then do not hesitate to give a double room or a junior suite to guests that only booked an ordinary single room. If you are sure that you will not sell the room that day, then give it away and make some of your guests extremely happy.  

Think about it. What do you lose? Your cleaning staff have to clean a bigger room, and you need to provide a new fruit plate and beverages. There is nothing else. The room will still be there the next stay and you can try to sell it again. Thus, you can be sure that your guests enjoyed their stay much more than being in the ordinary room they expected to have. 

I truly recommend that you try it out and observe the faces and emotions of your guests after you tell them that they have received an upgrade. To be honest, I just love seeing guests with a huge smile and afterwards reading their fantastic ratings online.