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Have you ever procrastinated on a task? Have you ever said to yourself, I will do it tomorrow,” but you never did it at all? How did that feel? Were you proud of yourself that you made that decision? If you could turn back time would you change your decision? I remember those days and I have to say I felt miserable. I had the thought of lying to myself somehow. Why did I tell myself I will do it if at the end I did not? That is a kind of self-sabotage, isn’t it? I am not a liar and certainly I do not lie to myself. 

If you have dreams and precise goals and you do not follow through, how will you ever reach your goal? How will you ever have your goals in your precious hands. Dreams exist to get your feet out of your bed, to get in the right state, to be focused and act with passion. You can dream a dream a thousand times, but you can’t live your life even twice. Do you know what I mean? 

The seed of your dream exists in your mind and perhaps this seed grew already to a tiny tree that is omnipresent wherever you go, but would your life not be much more fulfilled if you make your dream tangible instead of only carrying it along?

Perhaps you know my mantra now Live Your Life Today and Not Tomorrow - You only live once anyways.”

A couple of years ago, I realized how much power each individual has within themselves. If you are aware of it or not, but you have invisible forces inside of you that you can ignite anytime. Powers that make you move towards your goals, powers that attract crucial jigsaw pieces to complete your project and powers that fix your determination. 

Can you imagine how your life would look like if you were determined every single day to follow through? Now do not only imagine it but try to feel it. How would you feel if you wake up tomorrow knowing you will achieve your tasks, knowing nobody and nothing will hinder you to reach your aspiration for that specific day? How would you feel when you know that with each determined day of taking action you get closer and closer to your so long longing dream? How would you feel when you realize that you are only one step away from realizing what you dreamed of for weeks? Trust me, realizing dreams is absolutely possible. You can make it happen for yourself if you want to. Now, how bad do you want it? 

I must admit that the feeling of accomplishment is a unique and wonderful feeling. A feeling I cant live without anymore. That feeling exists for a reason. That feeling exists so we can experience it and recharge our batteries to reach even more in life. 

With each reached goal I felt uplifted and I realized I did not just reach this goal only for me but for others as well. With each achieved goal I even inspired others to do the same. Thus, look at your goal not just from your own perspective but look at it from a much wider one. Who will you inspire when you start to take action, when you are eager to walk the extra mile, when you walk your talk, when you reinvent yourself and activate these hidden powers from within? Each time you make a move towards your goal and people realize how steadfast you are about your aspiration, you are a role model. You will be an inspiration not only when you look in the mirror but to everyone on this earth. Do not take your strength of being focused, engaged, passionate about Your THING” for granted. I know that it is hard work to be disciplined. I know that following through must be practiced but I know too, that you can do it more often than you think. You are full of energy that you have to tap into much deeper than you are doing right now. There is so much unblemished ability within you that I would like to help you unleash right now. 

Sometimes people just need a gentle nudge towards the right direction. Today with this post I would love to provide you this gentle nudge to follow your victory path again that you might have lost due to your daily work, distractions, Painuations” and disbelief. Today I would like to provide you a powerful gadget that could change the outcome of each single day for you from now on. Today I would like to provide you my Daily Action Planner to take control of your day again. I know it will serve you because it does for many people. In addition, I know this Daily Action Planner” is different from others because it has a few items included that make the difference between taking massive action and acting as usual. This Daily Planner could be one of the most important steps for you to pivot your career, your lifestyle, your destination. It could be the beginning of the realization process of your dream. It could be the tiny push that you just need right now. It could be the sign that you were waiting for. The Daily Action Planner might sound as something insignificant but believe me it is not. If you read so far, I know this gadget is meant for you. Get in the game and transform from within by starting today to take action. Let the Daily Action Planner spread its magic and crush your next days without losing your sight anymore.