Can Amazon deliver to a hotel room or reception?

Yes. Most of the time, our guests inform us one day before or on the same day the package arrives. We usually put the package in their rooms. We do not charge any fee for receiving guests’ packages - no service-oriented hotel should charge anything for doing that. Keep in mind that the hotel business is all about service. We even bring packages to the post office for our guests without charging an additional fee. It is my personal goal to gain regular guests and to have them do word-of-mouth marketing for us. These tiny favors have a big impact on your hotel business.

Of course, you can start charging for accepting packages for your guests and bringing them to the post office. But, start thinking outside the box. How lovely is it to take care of for guests and to provide them more time to relax in your hotel or in the city. Guests who appreciate your service will talk about your service automatically. They will remember you. This is how you can create experiences they will never forget.

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