Be a guest at your own hotel

I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to be a guest at your own accommodation. 

If you are enthusiastic about getting to know your business better, you should stay there for a couple of days. Experience the same atmosphere and environment that your guests have day in and day out. Take each step that ordinary guests go through. By doing this you will get to know facets of your business that you have not been aware of.

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After a few days you will properly come up with ideas on how to facilitate a couple of things. Maybe you will even get rid of gadgets that seem to be useless or you will be eager to purchase new ones. By and large, you will obtain insights that are not available to you simply by managing the property. These specific insights are available as soon as you experience your service by yourself.

However, if you love your accommodation and you enjoy being there, this is not going to be a challenge, but a vacation. Whilst you stay at your accommodation as a guest make sure that you think like a guest as well. Put yourself in the position of a guest and do not think like an owner or manager. Look at processes of services from a different perspective and analyse them later on. First and foremost, absorb everything and observe other guests. Get in touch with your guests, but do not mention right away that you are the owner/manager of the property. Play smart and try to receive as much information as possible to make your services and amenities perfect.

As soon as you’ve mastered this challenge let me know about it. Your feedback is precious.