Are you clear about your brand

Does your brand name have a meaning to you? Why did you choose the name? Do you like the name? How do your guests perceive the name? Do you believe your name made a difference to your guests, staff and city? Is your brand name important to you? If you had the chance to change your brand name would you do it?

These questions are easy to answer but they are crucial by all accounts. The right brand name has the potential to make the whole business become more successful. If you have a name that is impossible to pronounce and no one ever could remember it, you should definitely think about changing it. 

A brand name has to be engaging, simple to remember, simple to pronounce, and combined with a decent logo design. If you are planning to expand, your brand name should be able to do the same. Let’s say your brand name is XYZ ONE, it is pretty easy to expand it. You just need to change the number ONE to TWO or even go higher to TEN, and then it will look like you already have ten accommodations businesses in your pipeline. 

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To make it more realistic and visual I want to mention the company VIRGIN. Virgin - do I have to say anything else? What kind of images just popped up in your mind? Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, Virgin Active, Virgin Racing, etc.? (He has so many companies.) As you can figure, all of his well-known brands carry the name Virgin. He easily used his Virgin brand and expanded it by adding another word that stands for a completely different company. That is a unique example of how you can expand your brand name as soon as you have the right one. 

Thus, do not limit yourself right at the beginning while choosing a brand name. Look outside the box and dream big. You never know what opportunities are waiting for you.

As soon as you have the right brand name, you need to guarantee that your brand name fits your services. Let’s say your brand name is “The Majestic Caribbean Palace” but your accommodation has nothing whatsoever to do with the Caribbean - it does not make sense to call it that. Brand name and your appearance have to be smoothly floating together. They have to go hand in hand. If both are in harmony it will make much more sense to your guests. Your guests will appreciate it and transmit your brand name with their experience in your accommodation. 

If your brand name says something exclusive then be aware that your guests want to experience something that is really exclusive and not available in every ordinary hotel. Therefore, ponder about it. Ask yourself questions of whether your current name fits your appearance and services. 

It is never too late to change your business name if you are not satisfied with it. Establishing a new business name has lots of advantages. You have hundreds of possibilities to promote your new brand name. You can market it as a new opening, a new lifestyle, a new chapter of your hotel business. In fact, a new brand name creates excitement, fresh ideas, a completely new look, new appearance, new beliefs, new image, higher motivation, new gadgets, new business cards, new website, and more. You will have a lot of pain, but at the end you will gain. No pain, no gain! Indeed, you will go through the complete process of establishing a new business by just changing the name. Hence, you will not make the same mistakes you have made before. You have the opportunity to start over again and make everything better than it was before. 

In short:

• Do you resonate with your brand name?

• Are you satisfied with your brand name?

• Can your brand name expand easily?

• Do your services and appearance fit together?

• Does your brand name influence your guests somehow?

• It is never too late to change your brand name to become more successful!