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You live once with your mind, body and soul on this earth. It is time to be the best version of yourself. Learn to take massive action, increase your physical fitness, create healthy & beautiful meals. 

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Pimp My Hotel Course

Enroll in Pimp My Hotel Training and you get: INSTANT access to the online training featuring advanced instruction o...

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Viral Direct Booking Method

Increase your direct accommodation bookings through social media marketing. Learn profound marketing strategies to in...

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Cleaning Mastery

The cleanliness of an accommodation room is very vital to the overall success of your business. If your provided...

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Your Hotel Info Map

Insert Your Logo Copy & Paste Your Content Add as many pages as you need Print your Hotel Info Map Increase...

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Free Access “4× Growth Opportunities" For Your Accommodation Business:

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The Essential Methods To Increase Your Occupancy Rate

Use proven methods to increase your occupancy 

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you uncovered tactics to persuade prospects to make a reservation in your accommodation.

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Meet Raj Pal

"Raj Pal is a crosswalker. He studied business management, marketing and finance. He did not study anything to do with the hospitality industry. The only experience he has had with hotels has come from being a guest to hotels himself. When he opened his first hotel, he immediately received great feedback and he even gained regular guests from day one. During the time he made changes, implemented strategies, tried new tools and sooner or later figured out what was really necessary to succeed in the complex and tough business. He sees issues from a different perspective and he likes to come up with solutions that are really not common at all. With his own implemented strategies and tools, he is able to expand."